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Rev. Jim Unitarian Universalist Fayetteville

Reverend Jim Parrish

Our community practices a liberal, Principled, and evolving religion with a deep history. We value your personal spiritual/philosophical journey and experience, because who else will know best what has deep meaning to you? This responsible journey, combined with our collective wisdom in community, is a path to understanding our relationship with the universe, our world, our neighbors and ourselves.

We don’t believe just anything, but we do believe in making our Principles more alive and valid in life… and change them when they need to be! Not a Creed nor Dogma, our Principles are voted on as collective wisdom from our many Sources.

UUs acknowledge there is much about life that we don’t know, that there is mystery between being born and having to die, mystery at the edges of science and reason. But we are not afraid to use our reason and intellect, as well as our heart and spirit, in exploring the meanings of life and deciding the best way to live it.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Rev. Jim Parrish
Minister, UU Fayetteville Arkansas

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