Message from Rev. Jim

Welcome to UUFF and Unitarian Universalism!

Rev. Jim Unitarian Universalist Fayetteville

Rev. Jim Parrish

Our community practices a liberal, Principled, and evolving religion with a deep history. We value your personal spiritual/philosophical journey and experience, because who else will know best what has deep meaning to you? This responsible journey, combined with our collective wisdom in community, is a path to understanding our relationship with the universe, our world, our neighbors and ourselves.

We don’t believe just anything, but we do honor many Sources of wisdom, moral, and ethical thought including Humanism, Earth Spirituality, Eastern Philosophy, and Liberal Christianity and Judaism among others. Because we come from different Sources, as UUs we covenant around our Principles to bring us together. Click on the link to check out our Principles and Sources.

UUs acknowledge there is much about life that we don’t know – that there is mystery between being born and having to die, mystery at the edges of science and reason. But we are not afraid to use our reason and intellect, as well as our heart and spirit, in exploring the meanings of life and deciding the best way to live it. We work to be a diverse and Welcoming Congregation (LGBTQ+), and make social justice not a splashy thing, but everyday life. We acknowledge human fallibility, and vow to “begin again” when we fail to live up to our Principles. The goal of our Religion is not to dictate life, but to explore how we want to live in harmony with ourselves, families, community, and ecology… and do it the best we can!

I/we look forward to seeing you on a Sunday!

Rev. Jim Parrish
Minister, UU Fayetteville Arkansas

PS: We love – Love! We welcome marriage equality, and perform weddings of all kinds!

PPS: We love children, and perform Namings… dedications that welcome a child (and youth!) to the world and community, acknowledging their personal uniqueness in life, and celebrate their name with all!

UUFF Newcomer Events Coming Up!

UUFF Newcomer Lunch- After service on Sunday, September 29th! Are you a visitor and interested in making connections? Learning more about Unitarian Universalism and UUFF? Sign up and join us at the UUFF Newcomer Lunch right after service on Sunday, September 29th (exact location at UUFF TBA). Lunch and conversation provided! September 29th Sign-Up

New UU Fall Session- October 13th and 20th from 5:30-8pm: Sign up to attend a two-meeting series of exploration into Unitarian Universalism and what it means to become a UUFF member. These classes are purely informative and a great chance to connect. Many choose to become members after attending, but the choice is yours, no pressure! It’s great to attend both classes, but if you can only attend one of the 2, that is okay! Please let us know if you will need childcare. October 13th Sign-Up ; October 20th Sign-Up

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