Wild and Free Thoughts about Stuff…

Four AM wild thoughts time:

I am ruminating on the artificiality of Canadians/USA/Mexicans as “units” competing with each other to live – to have food, water, shelter, and comfort over the other, as if we are not all human beings in need. Governance and economic systems are artificial boundaries, flags and trade agreements are just stories made up to divide and conquer when the central narrative should be “how can we help each other.” Laws are made to legitimize stealing from some to enrich others. The bottom line is not human or humane, but about greed. 

I’m tired of the competitive bullshit, the monetizing of everything to take love and care out of the exchange between people. People compelled to measure themselves as success or failure by bank accounts instead of the art, music, care, thought, cooperation, and Love they bring to life. No wonder we are an addicted society, a broken culture… everyone’s worth and dignity is bought and sold, incarcerated and monitored, monetized and advertised as if it was never ours to begin with.

When did I sell myself/yourself into this? Probably long ago in childhood while watching tv, seduced by some ad for this or that, inculcated into the mother supremacy culture story. How do I/we buy ourselves back? Maybe by small acts of defiance – by acting as if there are no Mexicans, Canadians, US… just hold onto each other as human beings, as people of the planet – together. That should disturb someone. 

We will find ways to reclaim humanity, we have to. Vote for someone else’s worth and dignity before your own, and we will bend towards justice even a little bit more every time.

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