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Led by Rev. Jim Parrish

Worship Associate: Andrew Gaber Service Coordinator: Joyce Mendenhall Piano Accompanist: Rhimmon Simchy-Gross

Prelude: Rhimmon Simchy-Gross Welcome/Announcements: Andrew Gaber Singing Bowl: Andrew Call to Worship Lighting the Chalice and Affirmation Opening Hymn #301, Touch the Earth, Reach the Sky! Story for All Ages: “Ozzie and the Snortlefish” with “UUFF Random Players” Offertory Joys and Concerns Prayer, Meditation and Silence Anthem: “Mercy, Mercy, Me (The Ecology),” by Marvin Gaye: Rhimmon Homily: When Nature Speaks Rev. Jim Parrish Hymn #1064, Blue Boat Home Closing Words Extinguishing Chalice: May Your Life Be As a Song, #1059 - Words by Jim Scott; Music by Yuri Zaritsky Postlude: Improvisation by Rhimmon