“The Great UU Fellowship Bake-Off and Chili Contest” to be held on Saturday, 9/28, starting at 5:30pm!

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“The Great UU Fellowship Bake-Off and Chili Contest”
To be held on Saturday, September 28th, starting at 5:30pm (set up starts at 5pm), the Fellowship will host “The Great UU Fellowship Bake-Off and Chili Contest” at UUFF! Mark your calendar and begin planning to Bake!
Bring your best baked “Signature Dish,” to share… you know, that baked item that you are best at and most proud of, sweet or savory, and put it up against your peers in Bakery Science! We’ll take a picture of the dish as it arrives to allow voting on Presentation, and appropriate samples will be made for folks to vote on flavor. Also, if you are willing, we’ll AUCTION your dish to the highest bidder as a bit of a fundraiser, the winner getting the pleasure of you re-creating your Signature Dish just for them!
And… OR! Folks who are not into baking (or like both) should bring a pot of your best Chili to be sampled, voted upon, and consumed as our supper to balance the preponderance of sweet baked goods. Participants are to bring their own antacids. I suppose these could be auctioned as well, but be warned — chili makers tend to be ornery.
A Blue Ribbon Panel of Three Unquestionably Righteous Judges will be counting the votes and making their own judgements, and some kind of Highly Sought After Rewards/Medals/Cheap Ribbons will be handed out to designate Winners and the Not quite Winners, but pretty good in any case. Adult and 12 and Under categories are happening.
Will this work? Will it be fair voting? Will the judges vote for their own Bakes? Don’t know… not worried, just want to have fun and eat food together! And! You do not have to belong to UUFF to participate!
Sign up online or at the UUFF Office or Activities Table or at Perfect Potluck! https://www.PerfectPotluck.com/GFED3435
In Competitive Peace, Rev. Jim