Sunday, September 15th – “What? Me Worried About the Apocalypse? I’m UU!” Led by Rev. Jim Parrish.

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Sunday, 09/15/19, 11am Service:”What? Me Worry About the Apocalypse? I’m UU!” Led by Rev. Jim Parrish.

** Today we Share the Plate with Northwest Arkansas Land Trust. “NWALT” is the only local, homegrown and accredited land trust in the state and in the region. The organization works with conservation-minded landowners, municipalities and partner organizations to protect land with agricultural, ecological, scenic, historic and recreational significance in Northwest Arkansas. All loose collection plate money AND specially-designated cash/checks (please write “share plate” on envelope or check memo line) will be donated to this fantastic cause. To find out more, visit**

10am Sunday Adult Religious Education (ARE) options:

ARE Discussion Group: Meets downstairs in common room. Topic: “The Words That Shaped Us.” Our conversation about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance sparked some thought. What other books or movies or music have been formative for you? What sticks with you and how has that influenced your life? Join us.
Meditation will be held at 10:00, followed by a short reading and discussion between 10:30- 10:45. It doesnʼt matter what type of meditation you do, or if you have ever meditated before, youare welcome to come meditate in the UUFF Annex building (across Storer from UUFF in the west-nearest Storer-side of the annex). ALL ARE WELCOME. Enter through the front door.

10am RE for kids 5+ continues today!All are invited to meet in room 2 downstairs at 10am for Religious Exploration, before rejoining adults for the 11 o’clock service.SIGNS OF OUR FAITH: WE SHARE. Children explore contexts in which they can practice sharing as a sign of Unitarian Universalist faith. They discuss ways they share with family, friends, neighbors, the congregation, and the world. They understand that they are better at sharing now than when they were younger, and that this is a sign of maturity. Children learn about the flower, water, and bread rituals of Unitarian Universalist congregations and discover how these rituals highlight sharing as a UU value.

Sunday Nursery Services available 9:45am – 12:15pm