UU Sources VS White Supremacy

  Our Unitarian Universalist Sources vs White Supremacy Foreword: Unitarian Universalism has no creed nor dogma, we (Unitarian Universalists) vote on central Principles and Sources that guide our individual and collective religious life. Whatever religious source motivates me, its outcome shall be towards fulfilling our Principles. Here are our present

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UU's Can Do It!

To be Determined by Rev. Jim

After a summer like the one I had, I really don’t want to do a “what I did” report… let’s just say that it was a very active summer, with family and friends. Some interactions were unexpectedly interesting; some joyful, and some difficult. I have to say that the summer

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UUFF Young Adult Activity

Why I Love Y’ALL by Amanda Bancroft

I really don’t know how to begin writing about something so powerful and important in my life that I embarrassed myself immensely by crying with joy about it at a UUFF Board meeting once. Young adult ministry, like any UU ministry to any age group, is life-saving work. Introducing 18-35

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