2016 Youth RE Program – Moral Tales

Youth RE Moral Lesson Diversity

September 18th – Moral Tale 1: We Are All One

Based on a Cantonese tale about a woman who goes to a forest to look for a cure to an illness.
On the way she helps some animals who later help her.

September 25th – Moral Tale 2: The Wise Teachers Test

A Buddhist tale about conscience and listening to our inner voice.

October 2nd and 9th – Moral Tale 3: The Sword of Wood

Faith, hope and prayer, a story from Afghanistan about a faithful and wise Jew who was grateful for what he had.

October 23rd – Moral Tale 4: The Wounded Seal

A Scottish Tale about empathy; putting ourselves in another’s shoes.

November 6th – Moral Tale 5: Mussa and Nagib

This tale from Brazil teaches about friendship and forgiveness.

November 13th and 27th – Moral Tale 6: Mullah Nasruddin Feeds His Coat

Acceptance and extending a welcome to all are the themes of this Middle Eastern story.

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