UUFF 2019 Pledge Kick-Off Potluck Party! November 16th, 6pm, Sanctuary

A Year in Fellowship (to be followed by UUFF’s Annual Congregational Meeting)

UUFF 2019 Pledge Kick-Off Potluck Party!

Join us for a fabulous evening filled with delicious food, energizing music by our very own Renée Janski, and humorous commentary from Tim Hudson as we kick off the 2019 UUFF pledge process. This very special event will be held in the Sanctuary on Friday, November 16th, beginning at 6pm.

Please let us know that you are attending and what you will bring for the potluck!

Sign up at: Pledge Drive Kick-Off Potluck Party RSVP ALL ARE WELCOME.

It is the season for giving, so please come help us build a better UUFF together.