What is Real?

I’m reading a book on religion called “What is Real: The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics” by Adam Becker. Religion does NOT need a deity, it does need relationships, it does need experience, it does need information on “how we live.” Science works in human relationships as well… check this out: P279
“So how does science work? … that’s a fabulously complex question. The long answer would take another book. But the short answer is that science involves a combination of experiment, mathematical and logical reasoning, unifying explanations, and biases that scientists bring to the table from their own lives and the cultures they live in. We work to reduce those biases; we don’t always succeed, but the explicit attempt to account for and reduce those biases is an important part of the process, properly conducted”… Science, done right, works hard to respect absolutely no authority at all other and experience and empirical data. It never succeeds entirely, but it comes closer and has a better track record than any other method we apes have found for learning about the world around us, a world we never made.”
UU is a religion that works to reduce biases by being a pragmatic experiment of dialogue with different Sources of “how we live” – of religious life. We try to remain open to change (hard, but doable), and we respect ideas in the experiment, but give no authority to a hierarchy other than the results of experience. Now, some of that experience is written in prose and poetry, sung and in ritual, but it does not make it less real, profound or part of the “science of religion.” It’s pretty cool actually. 🙂

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